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Almost always a factor, price will sometimes lead you to a product that will cost you more grief than whatever you may have saved in dollars. Let’s look at the options. One of the most inexpensive products is aluminum Slimline Venetians. Slimline Venetian blinds offer impressive light and vision control and great value for money but lack the energy efficiency of some of our other blind products which over time could more than offset the initial cost difference. If you’re looking for an inexpensive product for a guest room, rental and short term home ownership then this may be just the thing. If you plan on staying in the home/office for let’s say 5 years or more then consider more than the initial cost of the product.

I'll list a few of the main product categories from least expensive to most.

  • Roller Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Smooth polyester, then Embossed polyester Fabric, then Block out
  • Aluminum Venetian Blinds
  • Sunscreens Timber Venetians Pleated Shades

Great question! It would not look appropriate to install say verticals in a beautiful old Victorian home. You will also want to consider what the blinds will look like from the outside of the home. Another consideration is the neighborhood itself. If you live in a condominium or have a strict home owners association (strata title) you may need to check on their guidelines. Most will at least require the blinds or shades to be neutral on the exterior (facing the road).

Here are some general product suggestions:

  • Contemporary Style Homes
    - Verticals, Slimline Venetians Blinds, Wooden Venetians, Woodmates, Cellular Blinds, Pleated Shades. Roman shades, sunscreens.
  • Traditional Style Homes
    - Cellular blinds, Roman Blinds, Pleated Shades, Roller Blinds, Wood Shutters, Venetians, sunscreens.
  • Older & Historical Homes
    - Roller Blinds, aluminium and Timber Venetians, Woodmates, Timber Shutters
  • Country Style Homes
    - Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, Cellular Blinds, Pleated Shades, Timber Shutters timber Venetians.
  • Vacation Homes & Rentals
    - Roller Blinds, Venetians, Vertical Blinds

If you have a east/ west facing window you will want to keep the hot weather out, southerly facing windows will require insulation as these windows rarely receive sunshine; but experience the wind chill factor of winter. Some newer homes have well insulated windows but the older homes with single panes of glass can get pretty drafty. Windows that have east and/or west exposure will also have to deal with sun and heat exposure.

If you're trying to keep the cold out try these:

  • Cellular Shades - The most energy efficient are the cell products as they trap energized air in their cell pockets preventing it from cycling with the internal room temperature.
  • Timber Shutters - Excellent slat closure while still offering light and privacy control. Wood is a very good insulator.

If you're trying to keep the heat and sun out try these:

  • Sunscreen Blinds - If the view is important but the sun is driving you crazy you'll want to check these out. The most popular product for sun control while still offering a view of the outdoors and maintains daytime privacy.

What other product can do this?

Cellular Shades - The most energy efficient product. No rout holes in the fabric so it has a solid fabric face to block out all of the direct sunlight. Traps the air in its pockets and slows the cycling.

Great soft shade in translucent colors or Use the Room Darkening Cellular Shades or Blockout to block even more heat and sun.

Plantation Shutters - This product has thick styles and slats that work really well blocking out the heat and sun; great quality with super light closure. Beware of imitations, they don’t hinge or close well.

Only three meters between you and your neighbors? Opposite a busy road? Apartment? Town House? Try one of the products listed below:

  • Sunscreen Blinds
    - Whilst in the lowered (closed) position, this product offers great privacy control during daylight, yet enabling you to retain your great view.
  • Venetian Blinds
    - Again, great for privacy and control of light and exterior view. Tilt half way closed and you can continue to see outside but people outside can’t see in. Great choice for the front of your home.
  • Cellular Shades
    - Total privacy but limited in view/ing options. If you add the optional bottom up/top down feature you can lower the shade from the top just enough to have a view yet still have the needed privacy. This addition is highly recommended , and great for high rise applications.
  • Roller Shutters
    - Burns for Blinds Premium Roller Shutters offer the greatest amount of privacy of any product. (visit the Roller Shutter page for more information).

Plentiful lighting in a room is excellent, at the right time of day. But if I was trying to sleep in on Saturday or watch a football game on the big screen TV or if my baby is waking up early from excessive sunlight in the room then I would want to find a window treatment that does the job.

  • Blockout Verticals
    – Blockout Verticals is the best light blocker of all the verticals. This product is deceiving in that it will prevent light translucency through the fabric but still allow light control when you decide you’d like to tilt the slats to control your light situation. Having control of light and view when needed is a real plus here.
  • Blockout Cellular Shades
    - This is another excellent product for blocking light. .When you lower these shades be ready for complete darkness. Works best for a baby's room or master bedroom (especially for those who like to sleep in). You'll have a hard time telling if it's day or night when you wake up. Be sure to ask for blockout as these blinds are also very popular as a shade in translucent. Gives a softer finished look.
  • Blockout Roller Blinds
    - The polyester material itself does an outstanding job of blocking all of the sun and light; no translucency, however a small gap at both sides will allow some light. One advantage of this product is price. If you're looking for a value priced product for light blockage this is your cheapest choice.

How can I maximize the view and minimize the glare or loss of privacy?

This is a really popular question. You probably didn't put that large picture window or sliding glass door in your home just to cover it up, right? Let take a look at some of the options available today.

  • Sunscreen Blinds
    - This by far the best choice when trying to maximize the view and minimize the glare and still maintain a fair amount of privacy, particularly during daylight hours.
  • Vertical Blinds
    - When rotated closed this product offers excellent privacy and rotated open the fabric facing offers decent glare reduction and some privacy. From the respective angle engaged.

    Aluminium and Timber Venetians are ideal for total privacy and light control. These Venetians are quite good because the metal is a great reflector and wood is an ideal insulator.

Bathrooms are always an issue when it comes to humidity, especially if there is a shower and the bathroom is lacking an exhaust vent.

Maybe it's a damp garage or basement? Sun Room or Patio?

Whatever the cause for dampness we have the answers.

Here are the best choices.

  • Sanitized Vertical Blinds
    - All of the choices here work great as long as they are 100% polyester; not poly/ cotton blend., and ideally” sanitized” against mould and mildew common in a constant wet area.. Vertical Blinds have the added advantage of control of view and lighting in the room.
  • Timber Venetians
    – The Burns for Blinds Oiled Cedar range of Timber Venetians offer great moisture resistance without sacrificing beauty or light control. Because they are oiled they repel the condensation the forms during shower operation. Woodmates or look a like timbers made of a PVC compound designed to eliminate moisture absorption associated with dry timber Venetians. Lacquered timbers are not considered a great choice as the cord rout holes cannot be sealed, leaving exposed dry timber to soak up the moisture and consequently warp or distort.

    Aluminium Venetians are an excellent choice as the water beads off the aluminium slats. Just be very careful spraying caustic cleaners that can etch into the coating process causing an oxidized look.

Most products today fight the elements like harsh sunlight well and offer years of trouble free service. Internal soft products should be polyester not a blend as in poly/cotton, or vinyl, or plastic that is not uv stabilized. Beware these imitations they usually have a cheap price tag and a very short shelf life Two or three years if you’re lucky. But there are some unique advantages to each of the blinds listed below.

  • Roller Shutters
    - Burns for Blinds Premium Roller Shutter slats are designed and made in Germany from the highest quality materials. Roller Shutters were created to meet the needs of high risk commercial premises, from retail shops to industrial warehouses & your home. Not only do roller shutters offer you more than the best light control, the features just keep rolling (visit the Roller Shutter page for more information). Make sure they are fitted correctly to minimize the light gaps. Too many firms forget your requirements and look to offer cheap alternatives saving some money but causing anguish as the light gaps appear.

    With Roller Shutters light and ventilation can be adjusted to create a pleasurable atmosphere. Roller Shutters prevent the sunlight from fading carpets and interior furnishings as well as acting as a long-term protection for window frames. Burns for Blinds Roller Shutters are becoming a household favourite for home entertainment theatres to create that true theatre experience. Never have I seen the ability to one minute have a room full of light, and then to complete utter blackness. It’s amazing, yet understandable that everyone who has lived with roller shutters can never live without.
  • Blockout Vertical Blinds
    - All of the Blockout Vertical Blinds are an excellent choice for blocking intense sun and heat. You can actually feel the temperature drop in the room as soon as they are closed if the sun was beaming in.
  • Polyester Roller Blinds
    - Out of these five choices this one is the cheapest but is also effective for the first three hours in an average size room. More than this really requires the glass to be covered externally to prevent the sun heating up the glass and any internal room air in turn touching this heated glass.
  • Sunscreen Blinds
    - For harsh sunlight areas, you can't beat this one. If you have a view that you'd just hate to block out or maybe a commercial storefront that you don't want to look like it's closed then this is the product for you! The Sunscreen Blinds come in a wide variety of colours.
  • Timber Shutters
    – These are considered the Rolls Royce of window furnishings, and although they can be expensive, they are very exquisite. the look, feel and features they offer outweigh the price. They are considered by most as 'furniture for your windows' and will have all the neighbors talking. When ordered with the optional horizontal divider rail you have the ability to close the lower half for privacy while keeping the upper half partially open for view.

OK, generally rental units and kids play areas should be considered two different topics. But not when it comes to blinds. I've seen many "How in the world did that happen?" situations. Kids can at times be fairly rough on your window treatments. Some like to color on them, bend them, pull the cords and all kinds of other fun stuff. And likewise with Rentals, occupants generally don’t have the ‘care’ quality in them at that time. Consider durability, what punishments will the fabric take; and is the blind easily cleaned/ repaired. Or is the blind just designed as a throw away when it is slightly abused, so you have to re-shop for a replacement when a more robust product would get by with a simple scrub or replacement part. Beware a lot of cheap blinds are non repairable, they’re designed to throw away at the slightest break or soiling. Scotch- guarded and sanitized fabrics can be invaluable. Ask your Burns for Blinds consultant how easy it is to repair a Burns for Blinds product compared to many others on the market.


Remember that children love to play and long drapes can be a tempting plaything for them as well as pets. They will grab anything in sight and it may be better to go with wood blinds or shades, such as “whispers” that will stay off the floor or at least hang high enough out of a child's reach. ”Whispers” are great as they are top-down bottom-up shades, which will also increase your privacy and let you control the height of your blinds from either direction. High-end window treatments can be ordered with many options, including light sensitive and remote control operation. If you decide on transparent shades remember that they offer restrictive privacy, but will still cut the UV rays and glare considerably. They work like a regular roller shade and are made from spun polyester. If you are equipping a baby's room with vertical blinds, will you need light-blockout? Will you need controls to be short and fastened back to the wall? Roller shutters are great in that they solve all these issues in one. Go to Roller Shutters.

Here are the DO's:

  • Polyester Roller Blinds
    – These are real easy to care for. Just use a damp cloth with nothing stronger than dishwashing detergent to wipe away those annoying marks
  • Sunscreen Blinds
    – Pretty much the same as the polyester Roller Blinds. A little more expensive but what price do you place on retaining your view? The ability to have your view while the shade is down gives you the best of both worlds.
  • Polyester Vertical Blinds
    – Same matching fabric as roller blinds but with the added advantage of light sun reflection control. Sometimes these blinds can be shared because of matching fabrics.

Here are the DON'Ts:

  • Aluminum Slimline Venetians
    - The metal slats, come in different thicknesses, some crowned or curved for superior closure. Don’t buy thin gauged slats if you want to help prevent creasing I’m sure you’ve seen them at the local surgery accountants. Ask your Burns for BLIND consultant for the necessary tips in purchasing the correct Venetian for your application.
  • Sheer Verticals & Cellular Blinds
    - Any drapery or sheer type fabric not scotch-guarded, may stain and this means the whole window treatment needs removing and professionally cleaned.
  • Timber Shutters & Venetians
    - One of the most beautiful products you could put on a window, but not the best in areas that may take a beating. The price to replace slats can add up real fast. Cedar slats in particular are very soft wood and easily dented and bruised. Try a basswood hardwood; this will take far more abuse without showing the telltale signs.

Hope this information was helpful. If you ever have a question as to what may work best in your particular application don't hesitate to call one of the window treatment professionals in customer service at Burns for Blinds – PH: 8244 2200.

Installing the Right Blinds and Window Treatments

Are you tired of the old curtains that you’ve had up for years? Are you looking for a refreshing alternative to your window treatments? Maybe its time you consider installing blinds into your home. Not only will blinds enhance the visual appeal of your home, but they will also add to the resale value, increase your light control; less dust collection and because they fit in reveal they are more compact and restrictive. Not bulky and restrictive.

Blinds are becoming increasingly popular as a form of window treatment. They offer several benefits that keep homeowners more and more satisfied. Benefits include privacy, unique décor, increased re-sale value, and they shield your furniture and carpet from harmful UV sun rays.

Blinds come in an array of styles and colors. Materials include polyester, aluminum and wood. The different materials will contribute to the overall look and feel you are trying to create. Wood, for example, is warm and decorative and works well as both a feature and light controller in home offices. Deciding on what type of blind to use in each room can be done with your own creativity and with the help from our Interior Design Tips page.

When it comes to covering your windows with window coverings, there is more to it than just putting up window blinds and hoping they will look good. You must consider an element of function when installing window coverings. Before beginning the project, consider your needs with control options, position, window hardware, and even safety considerations before you make a purchase. Regardless of the size of window or problem you have, there is a solution for it.

Thankfully, Burns for Blinds has provided a few solutions to your questions in our Interior Design Tips section. Not everyone knows exactly how to achieve the look they are after, and what blinds would best suit you and the window, and that's why Burns for Blinds has included this Interior Design Tips section. We hope all your questions are answered, and if not, please email us with your enquiry.

How to Choose the Right Blinds

Time to cover those windows and not sure where to begin? You’ll definitely want to read this. Burns for Blinds have tackled some of the general concerns when shopping for blinds, shades or shutters.