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Automatic Verandah Blind Spring Roller Straight Drop

System 200 straight drop Awnings are fantastic for people who would like a minimalistic look. The awnings have a lightly tensioned spring instead of cords. These awnings can also be motorised. Engineered and built to last for today’s harsh Australian conditions.

  • Optional Hood (System 2000 or standard hood).
  • Gold Passivated Zinc Universal Brackets for Face, Top or Reveal fixing.
  • ‘Under Roll Fabric’ recommended for ease of access (shown as over roll).
  • Galvanised rollers top and bottom.
  • Straps on ends are the standard hold down option.
  • Choice of Canvas, Acrylic or Sunscreen fabric.
  • Quick release snap hooks.
  • Quick release fabric straps.
  • Awning is under constant spring tension. Held down by straps.