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Standard Automatic Lockarm

An attractive and seamless addition to any home. Burns for Blinds extensive range of modern fabric colours enables us to compliment any façade. The Standard Auto Awnings keep the harsh Australian sun at arm’s length from the windows in turn reducing the heat entering your home saving you on cooling costs. Easy function, self-locking arms make the Standard Auto Awnings a breeze to operate. When not is use the Awning can be rolled neatly into the headbox.

  • The headbox is made of Zincalume Steel for strength and durability.
  • Choice of 9 Headbox Colours (White, Federation Green, Primrose, Red Oxide, Mist Green, Stoney Beige, Brown, Black & Galaxy).
  • Peel off plastic cover to ensure the hood is not scratched during installation.
  • 60mm Roller Tube and spring is larger than most competitors sizes. A larger roller tube diameter reduces bowing and results in less rotations of the spring i.e. less effort.
  • Choose from 150mm or 200mm scallop valance, or a straight valance. For a minimalist look request no valance.
  • Matching or contrasting braid available on scallop and straight valance. Straight valance can also be self hemmed.
  • 1500mm Boat Hook pull down stick supplied as standard.
  • Choice of 8 bottom rail colours, same as headbox colours (Red Oxide not available).
  • Choice of 5 arm sizes 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and 900mm. (150mm – 300mm available in stainless steel as an option).
  • Arms lock automatically in any location down the guide rods.
  • Fibreglass and plastic arm ends ensure smooth operation. ‘UV’ protected components.
  • Gold Zinc Pacified steel guide rods last up to 7 times longer than the normal cadmium plated rods.