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System 2000 Pivot Arm

Burns for Blinds Pivot Arm Awnings are great for sun control. This product is excellent for areas manual operation is difficult such as two story homes. These Awnings can be operated via motorization, crank or internal winch. Using only the very best in materials Burns for Blinds System 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings are built to last.

  • The headbox is made of Zincalume and Steel for strength and durability.
  • System 2000 Awnings can be installed on ground floor windows as well as first floor or higher and still maintain continuity of appearance.
  • Choice of 9 Headbox Colours (White, Federation Green, Primrose, Red Oxide, Mist Green, Stoney Beige, Brown, Black & Galaxy).
  • Colour co-ordinated headbox ends for good looks,
  • Headbox ends, brackets and knuckles on arms are made from nylon reinforced with glass that will not corrode. It offers unrivalled strength and durability.
  • Control side is viewed from outside.
  • Arms are made from anodised, extruded aluminium to resist corrosion.
  • Matching or contrasting braid available on scallop or straight valance. Straight valance can also be self hemmed.
  • Choose from 150mm or 200mm scallop valance, or a straight valance. For a minimalist look request no valance.
  • Pivot arm options include double arm (casement style) and slide guide (Florentine style).
  • Standard pivot arm size is half the drop.
  • Choose from different Pivot Arm operating systems;
    • External (Tape)
    • Internal (Tape)
    • External (Rope)
    • Crank and Gear
    • Electric Motor