Motorisation / Awnings

Burns for Blinds automated Awnings combine the convenience of one touch automation with control and functionality.

No longer worry about pull cords, winder control or spring loaded operation with your new fully automated Burns for Blinds Awnings.

Applications can be a simple as one motor with a remote switch to full integration with units such as C-Bus home automation.

Motors are available in hard-wired operation, Radio Transmitted frequency (remote control) and the new long life battery operation that gives you up to seven years of operation under normal living conditions.

With a variety of stylish remote controls and wall mount switches, Burns for Blinds have an option to suit your needs.

Motorised Awnings also come with the option of adding a sun and/or wind sensor. This ensures your home is maxamising the light and heat control provided by Burns for Blinds awnings, whilst also protecting its longevity through automatic retraction in violent wind surges. Make your awning fully automatic and let it look after itself!

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