Motorisation / Warranty Information

All Somfy products carry a 5-Year Limited Warranty. *

* Warranty effective from date of invoice by Somfy Pty Limited.


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SOMFY’s only obligation shall be to repair or replace, with the least possible delay, defective equipment which does not conform to the warranty without any other indemnity relating to installation and re-installation or consequential damages.

SOMFY shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of, or the inability to use, the equipment. Before the suitability of the product for its intended use, and User assumes all risks and liability in connection therewith.

The articles that are replaced pursuant to the terms of this warranty shall be retained by SOMFY.

All costs related to installation and re-installation of the SOMFY equipment covered by this warranty are not the responsibility of SOMFY.

The user is responsible for any freight costs relating to repair or replacement. SOMFY will not be responsible for any consequential damages during or following installation procedures.

If the buyer resells any SOMFY products to another buyer or end-user, it shall include all of the terms and provisions of this warranty in such resale. SOMFY’s responsibility to any such third party shall be no greater than SOMFY’s responsibility under the warranty to the original Buyer.


The following are exclusions from warranty:

  1. If usage, adaptation or installation are not in accordance with our written installation and operating instructions.
  2. If the product has been opened, dismantled or returned with clear evidence of abuse or other damage.
  3. If our written specifications are not properly applied by the Buyer when selecting the equipment.
  4. If our written instructions for installation and wiring of the electrical connections have not been followed.
  5. If our equipment has been used to perform functions other than the functions it was originally designed to handle, namely motorising window and door coverings and enclosures e.g. awnings, internal & external blinds, curtains, roller shutters & grilles, projection screens, gates and windows. Please consult SOMFY about warranty for any uses other than the above.
  6. If SOMFY equipment is used with electrical accessories (switches, relays etc.) that have not been previously approved in writing by Somfy’s Customer Support Department.
  7. If the electrical accessories and other components have been used in disregard of the basic wiring diagram for which they were designed.