Motorisation / Why Alpha?

Why Has Burns For Blinds Chosen Alpha?

Burns for Blinds and Alpha have established a strong partnership for cost effective, reliable, motorisation solutions...

ALPHA tubular motors offer reliable, intuitive motorization solutions with a highly competitive edge.

Alpha didn’t adopt the normal approach when they started talking to manufacturers. Most companies who are looking to import motors are looking for either a cheap motor to supply with finished product they make directly to customers, or they are looking for a cheap motor to supplement a wider range of products such as fabrics and tubing. Alpha took the opposite approach and went overseas and searched for the best manufacturer to produce the product we wanted and started discussions about producing a very high quality, complete range of Motorisation products and controllers.

Burns for Blinds focus is providing the market with a genuinely high quality motorisation product that can boast the sort of build quality Alpha strives for and reliability that until now has only been available through certain European industry giants.

But that’s not enough, Alpha needed to be better, so they introduced what is clearly the best made, the most attractive and most versatile range of remote controls on the market.

On top of that, in order to provide the best value and confidence for our customers, we offer a 7 year replacement warranty, that’s 2 years longer than anyone else on the market.

Then as a final triumph, customers are charged a price that makes it possible to actively promote motorisation.

Enquire today and let Burns for Blinds show you how Alpha motorisation solutions can enhance your home window furnishings.