Motorisation / Why Oz Roll?

Why Has Burns For Blinds Chosen the OzRoll Drive System (ODS)?

Like Burns for Blinds, Oz Roll has been a long standing and successful South Australian business. Our partnership enables us to provide the South Australian market with battery operated motorisation solutions, removing the need for electricians and the additional costs that come with them.

The Oz Roll E-series Drive System’s major advantage is that it is a low-voltage battery operated system. It runs completely independent of mains power, removing any need for a costly, qualified electrician.

The battery life is long and reliable, meaning recharges are far and few between. Depending on usage, recharges may only be required once or twice a year, and all charging is done from the remote, simplifying the process for ease of use.

The E-port controller is mounted via a wall plate alongside the shutter, removing any unsightly traditional operation methods such as tape or winder controls. The remote allows for your shutter to be stopped or started in any position and under any circumstance. This means that through power outages, bushfires or other similar events, your shutters are fully operational at all times.

Multiple shutters can be connected to the one remote, and retro fitting the E-series Drive System to existing manual operation shutters is also possible.

This system is reliable, South Australian manufactured and affordable, so call Burns for Blinds now to see how we can provide the best possible shutter solutions today.