Roller Shutters / Automation Benefits

Motorisation & Automation

Roller Shutters fitted with a Somfy electric motor are as easy and comfortable to use as a touch of a button. What's more, automatic control provides continuous protection, as the roller shutter can automatically open or close according to set times or a predetermined temperature threshold.

Quiet & Discreet

The somfy motor fits discreetly into the shutter head box, well out of sight. What you will see is the wall mounted switch or hand held remote control: one of Somfy's new range of controllers which are stylish and user friendly.

Control Flexibility

There is a choice of control options to suit different requirements.

  • Individual control = one control point for one motor
  • Multiple control = several control points for one motor
  • Group control = one control point for several motors
  • Master control = one control point for all motors
  • Automatic control = one, several or all motors controlled according to set times or temperature threshold

Wired and wireless options are available, including single and 4 channel remote control.

Light management, energy savings and security

Automatic control systems provide continuous protection.

Roller shutters automatically open or close according to set times or temperature threshold. This has several benefits such as:

  1. Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, even when no one is around. This helps reduce heating and cooling costs.
  2. Security… the building appears occupied at all times.
  3. Whisper quiet operation.

So shut out noise, provide shade, privacy and protection from the harsh Australian climate, with the Heroal Roller Shutter from Burns for Blinds.

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