Roller Shutters / The Benefits

What are all the benefits of Roller Shutters?

The Burns for Blinds Heroal Roller Shutter is the ultimate in safety and security for your home and family which provides all the benefits of roller shutters and more.

Quality- The Heroal Premium Roller Shutter slats are designed and made in Germany for the highest quality materials. Roller Shutters were created to meet the needs of high risk commercial premises, from retail shops to industrial warehouses & your home. Not only does a roller shutter offer you more than the best light control, the features just keep rolling (visit the Roller Shutter page for more information).

Developed from the technology employed in making cyclone resistant roller shutters, the combination of unique guides and slat inserts offers you a level of security that you cannot get from anywhere else.

Light Control- With the Heroal Roller Shutter, light and ventilation can be adjusted to create a pleasurable atmosphere. They prevent the sunlight from fading carpets and interior furnishings as well as acting as a long-term protection for window frames.

Roller Shutters are quickly becoming a household favourite for home entertainment theatres to create that true theatre experience. Never have I seen the ability to one minute have a room full of light, to complete, utter blackness. It's amazing, yet understandable that everyone who has lived with roller shutters can now, never live without.

Temperature Control- If you live in a region that is cold in the winter, heating costs take a big bite out of your monthly budget for 25 - 50% of the year. Due to the rapidly escalating costs of home heating, you may be paying twice as much to heat your house as you did just a few years ago. You can cut your heating costs significantly by installing a Heroal Roller Shutter.

Our Roller Shutters have thermal insulation properties that can reduce the summer heat as well as retaining the warmth during the colder winter months. The insulating features of Burns for Blinds Roller Shutters keeps the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, provide significant energy savings for heating and cooling, offering reduced energy bills for consumers.

Security- Burns for Blinds Heroal Roller Shutters provide a superior defense against burglary and an effective deterrent against vandalism.

Noise Protection- Live on a busy road? Like to sleep in? Independent laboratory tests on roller shutters have demonstrated that roller shutters can reduce noise transmission through a window opening drastically.

Bushfire Protection- Live in the hills? The Heroal Roller Shutter provide protection for your windows from the radiant heat of bushfires, making this product a necessity for those who live near bush area.

Weather Protection- The Heroal Roller Shutter helps prevent damage from bushfires by creating a barrier from flying debris. They have specifically designed not to rattle during high winds, hail and driving rain.

Download a copy of the Roller Shutters brochure here.